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By way of perspective, I have a cousin who lives in a joint family where the father in law is judge, jury and executioner. Her colleagues knew her as someone with a mind of her own. At home, she is the demure daughter in law. “As a start up professional sports league, we have an innate flexibility that allows us to adapt and cater to our growing audience,” said BIG3 co CEO Jeff Kwatinetz. “Given that our fans had an average age of more than 10 years younger than typical basketball fans, we want to provide digital viewing experiences so they can engage with our league in a format that best suits their viewing preferences. For the first nine weeks of the season, fans can be a part of the action on Friday nights by viewing on Facebook, and continuing to watch on the FOX Sports app.

Across the road from Rice Park, a small food market and a food truck (both closed Mondays) can provide the fixings for a picnic lunch to eat in the fresh, upcountry air, where temperatures are often a pleasant 10 degrees cooler than at sea level. Watch bicyclists whiz past along the Kula Highway on their way down from the peak of Haleakala. On the bus ride back to the beaches, admire the odd combination of pine trees and cacti that grow side by side at these heights..

Was this His will for me? Are these the right cats? Is this the right time?. I think I prayed for hours, asking God all kinds of questions. Most of all, I wanted to be sure that this was His will. Again, looking to my kids for wisdom, I’ve noticed from an early age there are other kids they naturally get along with and kids they don’t. Often these experiences grow into a generalization we carry into adulthood. Are some kids taught to hate? Sure, but not as many as we might think.

The Origin of the ProjectThis project was unlike any project before it. The idea of the project was initiated and organized initially by the Office of Scientific Research and Development and later handled over to the War Department in 1942. It first offices were located, believe it or not, on Broadway in New York City as part of the Atlantic Division Headquarters and was called the “Manhattan Engineering District” or MED.

Stating these as binary models, however, does not reflect the time factor. Drawing from business, another way of thinking about flow is the idea of just in time (JIT) inventory management, where a minimum of parts stays in a factory or store, with a closed loop between supplier and manufacturer/seller. Sellers keep the producers informed, in real time, of their inventory and consumption rate.

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