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The reason we don’t use actual chopped garlic for this recipe is that it takes a long time to roast these potatoes to get them perfect. If garlic cooks too long, especially in this roasting in oil method, it can burn and become bitter. No one likes that.

At that point, the driver saw three of Ms. Davidson’s dogs (Rottweiler’s) battling over what one of the children on the bus said looked like a rag doll. Tragically, the conflict was centered upon Chris’ maimed body.. It’s a stark and surreal wartime story, uncomfortably resonant with our current historical moment. A large cast fill Rarig’s small Arena stage with strong performances, drawing the audience into a deepening web of tragicomic mystery. It’s a devilishly accomplished, touchingly human production that serves as a fine introduction, if you’re not already acquainted, to the work of an important British playwright..

The Gunners themselves have Burnley and Palace behind them by a point. The 12th placed team, Everton (37 points), are arguably also in contention for, at the very least, a Europa League spot. Of all these teams placed fourth to 12th, Sheffield and Arsenal have played a game less than the others..

After the controllers finally cleared the plane to land despite their earlier warnings the pilot replied, “Roger.” In the background, the sound of a cockpit warning chime can be heard. Federal Aviation Administration. It was traveling at roughly 250 miles an hour at about 1,000 feet above the ground, according to the tracking website, Flightradar24..

At least 200,000 died of starvation and in an unusual twist, Franco was convinced of his ability to feed the masses with dolphin sandwiches. In addition to his targeting of Guernica, Franco ordered the executions of as many as 50,000 political opponents. He suppressed countless others from groups such as trade unions, Basque separatists, and liberal democrats.

Roman Forum: Getty/iStockWhile lockdown restrictions may be easing across the world, travel to our favourite city break destinations remains far out of reach. The Foreign Office is still issuing a blanket ban on all overseas travel that isn’t deemed “essential”; those up for ignoring the advice are likely to face a mandatory 14 day quarantine upon their return.But even from afar, the Eternal City shines bright. June is the perfect time to visit, whether in person or from the comfort of your living room.

“Just to see him gone, it brings tears to my eyes just talking about it,” said Mario Nicoleau, who was wearing a customized Anthony Mason sweatshirt. “He was like Michael Jordan walking around here. A guy who made it to the NBA and to the Knicks, the hometown team? It was unbelievable.

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